Hair Professor is a full service hair salon established in Singapore since 2018. Our team have been working together for 9 years. We are a group of passionate hair artists who love hairdressing, we keep our skills & techniques current. We have experienced in stage modeling, magazine shooting, live performance, hair show & etc.


Beautiful, healthy hair and a great style is a trademark for Hair Professor. Our mission is to aspire people to bring the best out of them self’s.

Pearly brings a wealth of experience to the industry, with more than 25 years of dedicated service. Her passion for the profession lies in the belief that a brief encounter can brighten someone’s day. Establishing close relationships with clients through attentive listening and providing top-notch service to meet their individual needs is her guiding principle. Pearly’s philosophy revolves around fostering strong customer relationships through the delivery of exceptional service. May every day be a great hair day for you.


Director Stylist
Ted brings extensive experience to the field of hairstyling, having dedicated many years to perfecting his craft. His journey has underscored the significance of patience and a genuine passion for this profession. To distinguish oneself in this industry, Ted firmly adheres to the principle of diligent work and unwavering dedication. He firmly believes that continuous improvement is key, and he actively seeks to enhance his skills through ongoing learning. Collaboration with fellow hairstylists is invaluable, as each possesses unique qualities that contribute to our collective growth. Ted’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering, as he strives to consistently exceed the expectations of his valued clients.


Director Stylist
With over a decade of industry experience, Yenny’s professional journey has been marked by her integral role within the esteemed ‘HAIR PROFESSOR TEAM.’ While her creative flair encompasses a range of styling endeavors, she finds her true passion in the artistry of hair coloring and highlighting, distinguishing her as a luminary in hair design. Yenny’s enduring dedication to her craft is mirrored in her warm camaraderie with her esteemed colleagues.


Master Stylist